Result 3 Description

Podcast consumption has increased steadily in recent years. Even if podcasts are not some new things, as shown before, they are more and more popular in recent years, especially among millennials and Generation Z.
Although more and more podcasts of different formats and topics are appearing today, there is a visible need for a new and different approach to podcasts intended for young people in a way that young people can co-create content and present topics in a way appropriate to themes and content which they can easily use for a higher quality
of life and the life of their community.
Therefore, the aim of this project result is to have a guide that will have the potential to be used for other topics that will be attractive to young people and/or youth workers in the future.


In total 21 podcasts were developed by the GenZ4GreenDeal consortium

Service Learning Projects 

Environmental Education

Circular Economy

Ecological Footprint (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Mental and physical health

Volunteering (Social justice)

Sustainable Living


Jobs for Climate Change Mitigation

Small footprints, big steps

Youth for sustainability

Nature, youth and art

Three pillars of sustainability, actions and ideas

Sustainable lifestyle and business

Climate change – example of sustainable practices for greener future

Effect of Human Diet on the Environment and on Climate Change

Climate Migration

Public participation, stakeholder engagement, and co-creation

Social acceptance of sustainable development initiatives

Barriers to Sustainable Development

The Newt who wants to travel

Our poultry farm

The Wonderful Village

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