Result 1 Description

The aims of IO1 are to develop the methodology for the mapping, recoding, and presenting in a visual and interactive form good practices, policies, initiatives, etc. on „green topics “. Presented will be any useful EU and National programs that support youth and youth organizations in practices, activities, and education on the green topics, as well as findings in a multi-media way using visual representations for ease of reading (e.g., infographics, presentations, pop-up displays, posters).
The innovative aspects of IO1 lie in the fact that the consortium will develop a highly useful, practical, and interactive online tool that will record and present good practices, initiatives, and examples of different NGOs, non-formal and formal initiatives, and others working with young people on this very important topic where young people are playing a key role for the future of their generation and any future generation ahead.

Mapping Collection

Good practices in each partner country (Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Malta and Serbia)

Download here the good practices

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