ADEMED supports rural and small towns communities to enrich the formal and non-formal education environment. It assists with building learning networks between them and with integrating the Arts and Culture into the local education context. International cooperation, mostly with European and African entities sets the scene of ADEMED’s activity. The not-for-profit organisation has deep roots in citizen science and Responsible Research and Innovation. ADEMED upkeeps the local communities to manage biodiversity, as well as to protect rivers and forests ecosystems.

Contact Person: Gabriela Staicu

Emphasys Centre, established in 1998, runs an ICT Education and VET Centre approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, as well as an EU Research Centre. It is staffed with a well-rounded team that includes specialists in ICT, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Law, Economics, Business, Human Rights, Architecture and Graphic Design.

Emphasys is organized in 4 directorates. The Education Directorate includes validated and accredited IT courses, such as the GCE A’ Level Computer Science for students, or the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) for professionals, while providing Career Counselling Services.

The ICT Training Directorate includes a fully equipped STEAM Learning Unit and the EU Training Unit, focusing on the provision of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses for EU professionals and citizens. Emphasys offers its services to a diverse portfolio of public and private organisations, as well as individuals from all ages and walks of life.

The STEAM UNIT is fully equipped with high tech tools in order to offer project-driven related courses to young people, combining Robotics, 3D Design and Printing using the Craftbot+ 3D Printer, and Coding through Video Game design, using state of the art Virtual Reality Headsets such as the Oculus Rift S, led by ‘Lego Education Trainer’ certified instructors. Most of the courses follow the 4C approach of Lego Education: “Connect – Construct – Contemplate – Continue”, where learners are presented with an open-ended challenge that places them in a position of solution-seeking.

The Research Directorate works with several organisations on EU projects under a number of funds (e.g. Erasmus, AMIF, Justice) in the field of education and training, while also providing managerial support for EU projects to schools and NGOs. Over the years, it has built a strong local and international network which is utilized in the promotion of EU projects and initiatives.

The Software Development Directorate is involved in the design, development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various e-learning tools, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals, based on the needs of the various projects being implemented by the organization.

Emphasys is a member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) along with 25 other organisations from Europe aiming to promote the digital agenda of Europe, and part of the consulting group for the Digital Agenda of Cyprus.

Contact Person: Athos Charalambides

LINK Educational Alliance, EDUTech cluster, comprises over 40 organizations. Leader in the Balkan region, with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of formal and informal education, IT and contemporary business. It is locally in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and the USA, where we have established our educational hubs. Educational institutions:
LINK EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE (LEA) 11 educational institutions, employs over 750 people, including 360 teachers, instructors and professors.

Contact Person: Nina Stojanović

Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME focusing on promoting renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency processes and products. PiM implements renewable energy projects and conducts research for European and local government bodies, major companies and SMEs. Our aim is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and the intelligent use or reduction of energy requirements in Europe and the Mediterranean region through partnerships, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action. Moreover we strive to participate or manage collaborative projects with distributed resources, which cover innovative issues related to energy and the environment, via transnational cooperation or directed towards capacity building for R&D and policy.
Our objectives in the environmental sector are to:
• provide technical, organizational and policy-related information to governmental and non-governmental bodies, market players, and the local population
• increase the knowledge of the need for sustainable development;
• develop awareness for intelligent use of energy;
• reduce energy requirements through local initiatives;
• provide advice and analytical results on environmental issues
• maximize the benefits arising from EU Community initiatives and Programmes for local authorities, development agencies, community groups, manufacturing and service industries, and all other relevant players in the Region.

Contact Person: Stefan Schaa

The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is an independent, voluntary public organization (a non-profit organization) set up to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of its members and to promote market and economic relations for European and international integration the region and the country.

Contact Person: Maria-Denitsa Georgieva

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a subsidized High School for Science and Technology and Vocational Education and Training (both EQF levels 3 and 5) in the Basque Region. Each year the school provides education for over 400 full-time students and 1000+ adult part-time learners with a staff of 45 people.
Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is committed to the integral and lifelong learning of its students and to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into its strategy through the 2030 Agenda as an institution and through its participation in the 2030 School Agenda. Txorierri encourages the application of environmental sustainability criteria among staff and students, making efficient use of resources, minimizing waste generation, and avoiding adverse environmental impacts in order to keep an environmentally sustainable behavior.

Contact Person: Lidia González

The Parents’ Association “Step by Step” is a civil society organization that supports the development of democratic relations in the society through protection, respect, and the advocacy of the rights and interests of children and families, as well as enhancing the voice of the parents with regards to drafting the policies and decisions which concern children and families. 

Contact Person: Silvija Stanić

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