Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the multiplier events for the GenZ4GreenDeal project on 2 consecutive days with 3 groups of students.

On the 15th of November, the Chamber organized a meeting with students from the University of Ruse. The students were 1st and 4th year, studying Global Politics and Economics, respectively, and were a perfect target group for the dissemination of the project results. On behalf of the RCCI, project experts Nikolay Tsolev and Desislava Dimitrova presented the GenZ4GreenDeal project and its results. They demonstrated some of the developed materials – including the website (including the mapping tool), the Handbook, and presented one of the podcasts from PR3. As a side note, the experts also presented the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme, including mobility options, studying abroad and other useful information. The students, on the other hand, were interested in many of the concepts of the project and asked questions about the opportunities to start some kind of a “green business” locally or even abroad. They were also interested in the implications of the European Green Deal, what it would mean for the business sector and the new ways to grow a business.

For the second event, on the 16th of November 2023, RCCI met with students from the Professional School of Economics and Management “Elias Canetti” in Ruse. Expert Desislava Dimitrova presented the project and its output and demonstrated the mapping tool, which was of interest to the students. She also talked about the Handbook and presented one of the podcast episodes relevant to the school’s educational materials. The executive director of the Chamber, Milen Dobrev, talked about the opportunities for green and sustainable businesses, relevant initiatives in the region, and the ways the Chamber could support young entrepreneurs if they decide to start their own businesses. The students were also very interested in the mobility opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme, and wanted additional information on how the school can apply and participate in the activities.

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